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We create fascinating games around interesting topics



A romantic steampunk game about a family, cloudsurfing and the immense journeys of immigrants


An action packed strategy game about global thermonuclear war and how devastating its results are

An competitive parkour game where doping is possible, forbidden and makes you insanely powerful.

With Feinheit for Antidoping Switzerland

A fun traffic managment game about all the things you might encounter at pedestrian crossings

With Feinheit for Fussverkehr Schweiz

A physics puzzle game about the different stages of life and the things that you hold dear then.

With Feinheit for AXA Winterthur Insurances

A gravity game about a little cartographer in the desert, which requires you to juggle your phone.

By FullColorPlanet


We are Blindflug Studios from Zürich, Switzerland.


We are a 2014 founded indie game studio. Our mission is simple: We want to create beautiful, imaginative and incredibly fun games, that center around complex, real world dilemmas and through that might create interesting new game mechanics and involving settings.


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